What The Heck Is Rime Ice?

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What The Heck Is Rime Ice?

Here in Wisconsin, we have had freezing fog and the conditions have been just right, where it has lasted on the trees for over a week. The temperatures have not been above freezing (32 degrees). Usually we will have frosted trees a few times a winter and that is often caused by hoar frost. It is similar to dew and happens on cold and clear nights. But I learned something new this winter. The conditions were just right this winter for rime ice to form. It is when supercooled water drops (in liquid form) in the air come in contact with a surface below freezing. Those liquid water droplets then freeze on contact. The crystals can be quite long and look like shards of glass up close. The sun had not been out much. However, it did finally come out and conditions were unbelievable for a photographer. I went out several days and shot hundreds of photos. I have uploaded the best in my winter collection.

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