Wisconsin Wild Turkeys - 2019

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Wisconsin Wild Turkeys - 2019

For the last few years, we have had turkeys wintering in the area where we live. Actually last summer there was a flock of 7 toms or adult males around. However, they did not come around by me and I only saw them driving around, but I knew they were here. We only had one hen with 9 poults last summer. She had another hen with her after a while. Only 5 poults survived the summer. Then late fall more turkeys showed up. It was a mixed flock of hens, jakes (juvenile males) and adult males. They are not around every day, so when you see them, it can make your day. One day in January they came through and I counted 41 birds. In February of this year, we received over 34 inches of snow in 8 days. The turkeys moved out to parts unknown, except for about a half dozen. A couple of weeks later, I saw about 15 with 2 toms. Gradually the numbers have increased to about 30 birds I would guess. We are back to 7 toms that hang together. Last week the toms started to gobble and strut, I guess spring is here.

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